St. Dunstan

St. Dunstan - 200ft Bucket DredgeThe 730 ton St. Dunstan was built by Lobnitz & Co of Renfrew in 1894. She was put into  service as a mine sweeper during the first world war, which seems an odd idea for a 200ft long bucket dredger!

Unfortunately for her, Werner von Zerboni di Sposetti on UC-21 had been busy 12 miles NNW of Portland and the St Dunstan hit one of his recently laid mines. Two crew died in the explosion as she sank on 23rd of September 1917.

The wreck today lies upside down and twisted, with her highest point off the sea bed being about seven metres. The remains of the dredging buckets and chains make this a very unusual but interesting wreck.


Depth: 27m
Location: 50°38,288'N 02°42,068'W
Access: Hard Boat

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