Fleur de Lys (‘The Fleur’)

ImageThe Fleur de Lys was originally a French trawler built in Brittany in 1969. The Oak built trawler was purchased by a British fisherman in 1989 and subsequently based in Brixham.

On 16th April 2000 while heading back to Brixham a problem with the vessels domestic hot water system resulted in a hot water cylinder explosion! The resultant damage to the vessel meant she rapidly started taking on water. The 4 crew were rescued by helicopter 15 minutes later.

A number of unsuccessful attempts were made to raise the Fleur en-route to Poole, and she was finally abandoned in Swanage bay.



Depth: 13m
Location: 50 37'4" N 01 56'0" W
Access: RIB

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