About Calshot Divers

Calshot Sub-Aqua Club was formed as British Sub-Aqua Club branch 1397 in 1984 and was originally based down at Calshot - hence the name. In order to avoid the A326 commute, the branch has gradually moved north, and now meets in Eling - within easy reach of the A27, A35, A36 and M271. We've also become better known as "Calshot Divers", but it's still us!

Despite being a BSAC branch, and operating within the BSAC guidelines, we welcome members from any training organisation. You are welcome to join and dive with us using whatever qualification you may have, within the limits of that certification - we can however only teach BSAC courses, so you may want to "cross over" at some point to continue your skills development with us.

The branch owns its own 5.8m RIB and the full range of O2, flares and radio etc., that you would expect. The branch has on average, between 20 and 30 members depending on the weather! Members' interests also vary considerably, some are into historical research, others love wrecks while others just like to see the underwater creatures and take photos.

We are also quite lucky to have a fair number of Dive Leaders and Instructors, so you'll be well looked after by us.

We meet every Wednesday evening from 8.30pm at The New Inn, Hounsdown (SO40 7EP) to discuss and plan training & dive trips.



Your Branch Committee, 2023-2024

ImageChristine Greenwood

ImageRalph Quinn
Diving Officer

ImageJohn Greenwood
Training Officer

ImageGraham Jones

ImageKaren Dunford
Welfare Officer

ImageMike Jenner
Equipment Officer

ImageDavid Ruffle

Image- Vacant -
Social Media & Marketing


Dec 2023 - We've had our AGM, and are planning for a busy 2024. Check Facebook or come and visit for more current information. We're a bit slower at updating this website, apart from the calendar - that's automatic :-)