Learn to Dive



Congratulations! This could be the start of something amazing! You've obviously seen of heard something that has sparked an interest, let's hope we can fan those flames a bit more!

The first thing to do before you rush off and buy kit or book an expensive holiday is to actually see if you enjoy being underwater! There's no point in lying, most people just love it but occasionally you get someone who just doesn't like it. So before you spend, we recommend you do a taster session ("Try Dive") with one of our qualified instructors. This gives you an opportunity to not only experience the underwater world in a safe pool environment, but also give you a change to meet the other members and ask questions.

If you love the pool session, then we can look at signing you up for an "Ocean Diver" course which involves some lectures and pool work before we take you out diving! Once qualified you will then be able to dive to 18m with an instructor - this is the first real diving grade. We then recommend you clock up some underwater hours and practice your skills before going for your "Advanced Ocean Diver" or "Sports Diver" qualification. The Sports Diver grade is the most useful as it allows you to dive to 35m anywhere in the world with someone equally qualified, so perhaps a partner or diving buddy?


Take your first breath underwater with us, get in touch and ask about a "Try Dive" and we'll see what we can do.