LCT(A) 2454

ImageOriginally known as LCT 454, this Mk5 Landing Craft was launched in New Jersey in September 1942 and leased to the UK in November and renumbered as 2454. It seems we then added some additional armour plating and leased it back to the Americans for D-Day!

LCT(A) 2454 was part of the LCT Gunfire Support Group tasked to Utah beach Tare Green sector, 6 June 1944.  The LCT(A)'s were modified with the addition of a raised platform which aimed to increase visibility by the tanks. 2454 carried 2 tanks from Company C, and likely a dozer tank with three demolition engineers. The engineers were assigned to blow holes in the sea walls; the dozer tanks would then enlarge the holes, allowing them to then penetrate the sea wall. 2454 was also tasked with "Smoke Generation" during the initial approach to Utah.

" 0710 LCT(A) 2454 and 2478 successfully beached on Tare Green Sector and each disgorged their three tanks while under fire. The vessels escaped unscathed "

LCT(A) 2454 experienced a major engine failure during a gale in October 1944, and attempted to anchor in Lyme Bay. Unfortunately for the crew onboard, the anchors failed, and she was forced onto the shore with the loss of 9 of her 11 crew members. 2 local rescuers also died trying to help. The vessel finally broke her back, and the stern slid back and settled in 12m. The bow section is 75m to the north-west, but buried under tons of pebbles - parts often appear above the low water line after bad storms. 

She is a large landing craft, measuring 114 x 32 ft and displacing 285 tons - with the capability if carrying a further 150 tons. 

ImageThe site diagram to the right is about 30 years old - and not to scale! The fence posts have been replaced with Purbeck Limestone blocks and it's a lot more than 200yds from the road to the top of the shingle ridge! From the beach, a bearing of 240° seems about right. If you drop down deeper than 15m or end up on sand, then you've gone too far out.


Depth: 15m (stern)
Location: 50°34'34.6"N 02°28'18.0"W (approx)
Access: Shore Dive

LCT(A) 2454 image