Already a qualified diver?

So you've already decided you love diving! Then why not come and join us to either just clock up some more hours or perhaps further your training.

It doesn’t matter if your PADI, NAUI, MOD or not dived for the last 10 years, get in touch! The dive kit may have changed, but the human body and physics remains the same no matter what year or agency you trained with.

As an already qualified diver you are able to do 1 or 2 dives with us as a "Visiting Diver" before having to commit to become a branch member. If you have a non-BSAC certification, then you will dive within the limits of that qualification. If you wish (and we'd suggest you did) want to continue your training, then we would offer you some "Cross Over" training and a progression path to the next higher BSAC grade.


Equally, just come down to the club meeting one week, have a drink and talk fish, wrecks and bubbles!