Local places to launch your boat

Baiter, Poole Dorset

Baiter, Poole Dorset image

The slip can be a bit awkward at low tide, with a step if the trailer goes too far - but it's pretty well protected by Pool harbour. Unfortunately it's popular with Jet skis most of the...

Calshot, Hampshire

Calshot, Hampshire image

The 8m wide slip at Calshot can be used at any state of the tide - it was designed for use by some of the largest flying boats ever built! As soon as you're off the slip, turn right...

Hythe Marina, Hampshire

Hythe Marina, Hampshire image

The Hythe Marina slip is only really useful for boat testing as it's quite a distance from the sea. The area between the slipway and pier needs to be avoided at low tide as it becomes very...

Keyhaven, Hampshire

Keyhaven, Hampshire image

The Keyhaven slip is a good concrete slip accessible at all but the lowest spring tides, unfortunately it can be very busy with local sailing clubs and children. The channel out to the...

Kimmeridge, Dorset

Kimmeridge, Dorset image

An absolutely brilliant diving region. You can snorkel straight form the slipway - which can be awkward when you are trying to launch a RIB. The channel from the slip to deeper water is lined on...

Lymington, Hampshire

Lymington, Hampshire image

The Lymington slip is almost opposite the ferry terminal at the sea end of the town (which is convenient for a boat slip). There are lots of parking spaces but it gets very busy on nice days and...